FT UGM Website Hacked, Hackers Give a Message Your Website is Not Fine, Like Me…

The official website of the Faculty of Engineering , Gadjah Mada University (FT UGM ) was hacked by hackers calling themselves ” Bangsin “. As of Wednesday (21/12/2022) afternoon, the findit.ft.ugm.ac.id site cannot be accessed.

” SORRY.. YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT WELL LIKE ME WKWKWK ..,” wrote the hacker leaving his message.

UGM Head of Public Relations and Protocol Dina W. Kariodimedjo confirmed that one of UGM’s subdomains was hacked.

“We can inform you that one of the website manager accounts was hacked and caused a security gap,” said Dina, Wednesday (21/12) quoted from Kompas.com .

Dina continued that her party was currently repairing the wrong breach in the security breach at the UGM site by the Directorate of Resources and Information Systems (DSSDI) team.

“Currently, as a follow-up, the team is evaluating how to maintain website security. Thank you,” he said.

As is well known, several subdomains of the UGM website have been hacked by hackers calling themselves Bangsin. He blocked the UGM website by leaving a message.

“Yesterday I was smart, I wanted to change the world. Today, I became wiser. I want to change myself,” wrote on the UGM page.

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